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Animal rights group decries “devastating” condition of circus animals in Granada, Spain

The federation concluded that they were suffering from physical, mental and etiological abuse, according to a message posted on Facebook.

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EL PAIS: ‘The Granada Federation of Animal Protection Associations (Fegrapa) has denounced the “devastating” condition of animals in the Roma Dola Circus, a traveling troupe that is currently touring municipalities in Spain’s Granada province. After receiving a report of animal cruelty from a resident in Salar, where the circus had set up, members of the group traveled to the municipality on Saturday to assess the animals’ state of health. The federation concluded that they were suffering from “physical, mental and etiological abuse,” according to a message posted on Facebook.

Fegrapa found a duck with two fractured wings that had been poorly cared for, leading to “deformations,” two neglected camels with hardly any teeth that had been left in squalor, ponies covered with grime and insects, and lions moving erratically with signs indicative of obsessive-compulsive disorder, in cages measuring barely 1.5 square meters. The animal-rights organization also found a hippopotamus that was left exposed to the sun, next to a tin tub doubling as a “drinking trough.” According to the group, the animal had “flaky and cracked skin” and “a sad expression, as if asking for mercy”.’ SOURCE…


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