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See two starving and dehydrated dogs who died in each other’s arms after being locked-up for two weeks

Their 'owner' was fined $144 and ordered to complete 80 hours of community service.

ROSEMARY CAVALLARO: ‘Kelpie puppy Ruby and two-year-old staffy cross breed Benji were found dead among a strong pungent smell of dog faeces and urine, dog faeces all over the floor and an empty ice-cream container… The heartbreaking image show two dogs who died side by side from starvation and dehydration… They were left locked in the laundry of an Albury, NSW (Australia) home without food or water for more than two weeks…

Their ‘owner’, Kimberly Thi-My Atwell, was fined $144, ordered to complete 80 hours of community service, and banned from owning animals for five years by Magistrate Rodney Brender of the Albury local court. An RSPCA inspector found the dogs in her home in August 2017 before later learning in an interview with Atwell she hadn’t given them food or water for 11 days. She admitted both dogs were skinny when last fed, the animal welfare group said in a statement on Thursday…

“What can you even say about a case as sad and frustratingly avoidable as this?” RSPCA NSW Deputy Chief Inspector Scott Meyers said. “Our job never gets easier, seeing horrific stuff like this. I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering these poor dogs went through over an extended period of time and in their last hours”.’ SOURCE…

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