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Spanish festival sadism: Wounded bull drags HIMself along road after its back legs are broken

LUCY MIDDLETON: ‘A huge bull was left dragging HIMself across the ground after it appeared to break both its hind legs during a festival in Spain. Video footage recorded in the village of Mejorada del Campo, near Madrid, shows the animal hurrying down the ramp from its transportation cage before a bull running event. When it reaches the bottom, the bull then jumps and injuries itself on impact with the hard concrete floor. The animal is then left to drag HIMself by its front legs after failing to use its now-limp back legs several times…

The Animalist Party Against the Mistreatment of Animals (PACMA) shared the video of the bull jumping with their 211,000 followers on Twitter and called for cruelty to animals to end. They have now reported the incident to the authorities as animal abuse and asked social media users to support a petition to change animal protection laws in Spain. The video clip has since gone viral, garnering over 344,000 views online’. SOURCE…


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