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The need for REAL justice: Teacher won’t face charges after drowning raccoons in front of students

The teacher will not face criminal charges because he did not torment the animals and was not unnecessarily cruel.

CHELSEA ROBINSON: ‘A Florida teacher will not face charges after he reportedly drowned raccoons and an opossum in front of his students. Earlier this month, a Forest High School student who witnessed the incident took a secret video… The video shows a raccoon in a metal trap being lowered into a garbage bin filled with water. One video reportedly shows the raccoon’s snout sticking out above the water.

The videos sparked nationwide outrage, but Fifth Judicial Circuit State Attorney Brad King told WKMG this week that the teacher will not face criminal charges because he did not “torment” the animals and was not “unnecessarily cruel”… Since killing nuisance animals is legal, King said, prosecutors would need to prove the teacher unnecessarily tortured the creatures. He said drowning is not classified as inhumane. The teacher retired days after the drowning videos went viral. Animal rights activists called for an end to the agricultural program’. SOURCE…


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