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Fido Survived The Research Lab. Now What?

In the labs, they never touch grass, never feel sunshine, never have adequate play time or social time.

MICHAEL OLLOVE: ‘Every day, in labs across the United States, researchers experiment on thousands of cats and dogs. They test new surgical techniques, inoculate the animals with experimental drugs and remove organs, all in the name of advancing human knowledge and developing consumer products such as face creams and window cleaners.Until recently, no laws covered what should happen to animals that survive the lab relatively intact. That is quickly changing.

Maryland last week became the seventh state since 2014 to require all research facilities to make efforts to adopt out healthy, surviving cats and dogs to homes. The changes are coming despite opposition from top universities that have long been sensitive to animals’ well-being, their representatives say, but don’t want the extra paperwork that might go with adoption programs…

The laws do nothing to impede research; they only create a pathway for surviving animals to find their way to welcoming homes and new experiences as beloved pets. In the labs, “they never touch grass, never feel sunshine, never have adequate play time or social time,” said advocate Matt Rossell, the campaign and policy director for the California-based Rescue and Freedom Project, an animal welfare organization that is adamantly opposed to the use of animals in research and is lobbying for the bills’. SOURCE…


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