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Is Your Furniture Cruel to Animals? That Leather Couch Is the Least of It

Welcome to the latest movement in the home decor world: cruelty-free furniture.

WENDY HERMAN: ‘Concerned about animal cruelty? You might abstain from eating meat, or at least very much of it, and mink coats are not exactly the thing these days, anyway. But if you’re patting yourself on the back while snuggled under an angora blanket, we’ve got news for you: The furniture and decor in your home can be cruel to animals, too… And—surprise!—the offenses stretch far beyond the obvious culprit of leather (and contrary to popular belief, animal skins are not a byproduct of the meat industry). Rugs, blankets, and furniture stuffing are often made from wool, the product of an industry repeatedly accused of abusing, maiming, and killing sheep. Comforters and pillows are often made with down, feathers that are live-plucked from geese.

Welcome to the latest movement in the home decor world: cruelty-free furniture! We’re talking couches made of faux leather, pillows stuffed with down alternatives, and other substitutes for animal skins or materials… “It’s never been easier to furnish our homes without animals, as more and more companies are offering fabulous vegan options,” says Lisa Lange, PETA’s senior vice president of communications… If you’re interested in switching out some of your decor to cruelty-free alternatives or you’re ready to completely veganize your home, consider some of these options’. SOURCE…


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