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UK authorities to blame for tragic death of Sergei Skripal’s ‘pets’ in sealed home

LYDIA SMITH: ‘An animal rights group has blamed British authorities for the death of three of Sergei Skripal’s pets at the poisoned former double agent’s home. The government confirmed the long-haired black Persian cat had been found alive but “in a distressed state” at the house in Salisbury. Found extremely malnourished, officials said the cat was taken to the Porton Down chemical weapons laboratory for testing but it was in so much pain that a vet decided to “put it down”… A pair of guinea pigs were sealed into the property and later died.

“These deaths are another tragedy of this horrific situation, and this time, the British authorities are evidently to blame,” said Elisa Allen, director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta). “No one should have left these animals sealed inside the house any more than they would have done children – clearly, they should have been rescued.” She added the group was “calling for an investigation to be carried out in order to determine how this was allowed to happen”.’ SOURCE…


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