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YouTube Shooter Was a Vegan Activist, But Animal Rights Groups Don’t Claim Her

KRISTIN HUGO: ‘The identity of the suspect who allegedly opened fire at YouTube headquarters has revealed a bizarre social media user with a hatred of YouTube and a love for animals. But animal rights and welfare organizations claim to hardly know her, and there’s no indication that she was a prominent member of the animal rights community…

Aghdam appeared in a 2009 PETA protest against the use of pigs in military experiments, but PETA denies further involvement… Matt Johnson, a spokesperson for DxE [Direct Action Everywhere], told Newsweek in an email, “No one knows who this person is, and she’s never (as far as I can tell) attended any DxE event”…

Will Hazlitt, a spokesman for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, told Newsweek. Part of the ALF credo is that no harm should come to humans, so this couldn’t have been under the ALF banner, Hazlitt said. “This type of action would not be considered an ALF action since its primary objective is the injuring of people,” he said’. SOURCE…


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