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80% of Brits Would Give Up Meat Over Their Car to Help the Environment

SUSTAINABLE BRANDS: ‘2018 has already seen a number of environmentally conscious trends — such as a switch to electric vehicles and plant-based diets — make the headlines… With both trends on the rise, particularly amongst the more environmentally conscious public, there remains debate over which is more likely to become the mass-norm. It seems that if Brits were faced with the choice between the two, vegetarianism’s current dominance would continue… According to Professor Roberts of Gresham College, in the battle to save the environment we could be better off passing on our steak and burgers than taking the bus…

According to the research… with less than one in five (18 percent) saying they would sacrifice their car so they could keep up their carnivore ways. Conversely, around half (47 percent) would be happy to give up meat if it meant they could keep on travelling via car… over three-and-a-half million (7 percent) UK residents currently identify as vegan and over seven million (14 percent) have switched to vegetarianism to help decrease their carbon footprint’. SOURCE…


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