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Investigation: Police Raid PetSmart Store, Rescue Animals

PETA: ‘Metro Nashville Animal Care & Control (MACC) executed a search and seizure warrant at the PetSmart store on Sawyer Brown Road in Nashville, Tennessee… This comes after PETA provided law-enforcement officials with video footage and photographs of systemic neglect and widespread animal suffering documented by an eyewitness who worked at the store as part of an investigation of PetSmart stores across the country. MACC seized six sick and injured hamsters, mice, and guinea pigs and opened a criminal investigation…

Managers at the Nashville store repeatedly refused to provide sick, injured, and dying animals with veterinary care in order to “keep costs down” so that they would receive bonuses. These animals included a guinea pig who suffered from an abscessed wound on his back, dehydration, and painful gastrointestinal stasis; a guinea pig whose abscessed knee joint had spread infection to his heart, brain, and elsewhere; and a mouse who languished for more than a month with an irritated eye and apparent respiratory infection before he died…

PETA’s investigation, which also included stores in Brandon, Florida, and Peoria, Arizona—revealed that PetSmart stocked animals with diseases, including ringworm and coccidiosis, that are transmissible to children and other humans and that it didn’t schedule staff to care for animals on Thanksgiving and Christmas, even though many of them were sick and in need of medication… The Nashville District Attorney’s Office is considering filing cruelty-to-animals charges’. SOURCE…


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