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People Dismember Run-Over Houston Alligator For Souvenirs

CBS DFW: ‘Residents bordering a West Houston reservoir say an alligator known to quietly sun itself outside the ponds was apparently run over on a busy road but then its carcass was dismembered by people who wanted its teeth and limbs as souvenirs… Dismembering a dead animal is a Class C misdemeanor in Texas, according to Texas Game Wardens, which is punishable up to a $500 fine. Alligators in the U.S. are also a federally protected species.

Nearby resident, Juaquin Aguilar, tells Houston television station KHOU11 he was angry as he chased away folks who were pulling out the gator’s teeth and cutting off limbs. “It makes me mad because it’s disrespectful,” Aguilar said. “The game wardens have a special place in jail for those people”… “It saddens me she’s gone,” Aguilar told KHOU11. “Gators are magnificent creatures. I love all animals no matter what they are”.’ SOURCE…


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