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Impossible Burger Now Sold at More Than 1,000 Restaurants Nationwide

BUSINESS WIRE: ‘Impossible Foods’ flagship product, the award-winning Impossible Burger, is now available in more than 1,000 restaurants nationwide. The California startup’s first large-scale factory is now at full production. The 67,000-square-foot plant in East Oakland is now producing 500,000 pounds of plant-based meat per month — enough to feed Impossible Burgers to 2 million people per month…

“We are proud of the dedicated and passionate team in Oakland. They achieved world-class quality on an ambitious timeline,” Impossible Foods CEO and Founder Patrick O. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., said today. “But there are still millions of restaurants and billions of people who want meat. So while achieving full capacity at our first plant is an important milestone, it’s just the beginning. We won’t stop until the global food system is truly sustainable”. SOURCE…


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