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The HSUS sues USDA for failing to release animal welfare records under sunshine law

KITTY BLOCK: ‘In February 2017, shortly after the new administration took office, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, without prior notice, removed from its website thousands of Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act inspection and enforcement records. These were public records, many containing descriptions of animal neglect and suffering at puppy mills, roadside zoos, research laboratories, and cruelty and abuse by trainers and owners of Tennessee walking horses and related breeds.

The records had been available to the public in a searchable online database for years, and their removal made it impossible for the public and organizations like ours to learn which facilities were failing to comply with our federal government’s animal protection laws… In response to this blatant and ongoing attempt by the USDA to mislead the public and protect the perpetrators of cruelty, The HSUS filed a lawsuit against the agency for its failure to release crucial animal welfare public records’. SOURCE…


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