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Emaciated animals covered in wounds rescued from Spanish circus

NICOLA STOW: ‘Heartbreaking footage reveals the cruel horrors endured by animals trained for Spanish circuses have been captured on film. The clip shows lions and tigers looking emaciated and wounded after they were found living in their own excrement in filthy, cramped cages. The animals, who have since been rescued, had broken teeth and bruises and one was so badly injured it could barely stand. Another lion had gnawed away at its own tail because of the stress of living in such dire conditions.

The big cats were rescued from Murcia’s Circus Francia, also known as Circus Paris, by animal rights group AAP Primadomus. They are now being cared for at the Villena Rescue Centre in Alicante… Group member Pablo Delgado, who is responsible for the big cats’ rehabilitation, said: “They were exceptionally poor conditions, especially for the lions. Unfortunately, it is all too common a sight with circus rescues”.’ SOURCE…


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