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Cruel collars used to shock dogs into submission are to be banned in England

DAVID WOODING: ‘Cruel electric shock collars used to train pets will be banned under new animal welfare laws to be unveiled today. Environment Secretary Michael Gove believes the devices – which cost as little as £20 – cause unnecessary suffering. The move has delighted animal charities who have been campaigning for many years for the collars to be outlawed.

A consultation period will be held before the government amends the law to make it a criminal offence to use the collars, which give an electric shock if the pet disobeys an instruction. The new laws will also cover devices which squirt noxious sprays or emit sounds which can upset a dogs’ acute sense of smell or have a painful effect on its hearing…

Dr Rachel Casey, Director of Canine Behaviour and Research at Dogs Trust, said: “We are delighted. This is a major step towards improving dog welfare.” RSPCA dog welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines added: “The Government has listened to concerns raised by us and other animal welfare organisations’. SOURCE…


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