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So what if the cage is golden?

SURIDHI SHARMA:  ‘Asmita Parelkar’s first exposure to photography was through her father’s photos… She says, “I wanted to be a wildlife photographer. I was also working with a few organisations that worked with animals and doing wildlife rescues and investigations”… She recently exhibited her series, ‘Giraffe Behind the Door’ at the JaipurPhoto Festival. The series has been photographed in five zoos of New York. “I like spending time in nature. Zoos always made me sad and I never really enjoyed seeing wild animals behind bars or in cages,” she shares…

She went to [a New York] zoo to photograph for an underwater assignment. “We were surprised to see… the enclosures are made with a lot of care to resemble the wild habitats of the animals. The walls are painted with beautiful dioramas and plants from the same habitats are included where possible”… She goes on to add, “No matter how well maintained and beautiful the enclosures were, the animals were still in captivity”…

She is interested in exploring the relationship between man and nature. “I feel the need to draw attention to what we as human beings are doing to nature. We inhabit this planet with different species but human beings now have an upper hand over nature and animals or we think we do. We are also a part of nature but we have separated from it. I am interested in talking about this through my work”.’ SOURCE…


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