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Australian vegan activist: We have recreated Auschwitz for animals

TAMARA ZIEVE: ‘”If we took all the animals and replaced them with humans, we have recreated Auschwitz,” prominent Australian animal rights activist James Aspey told The Jerusalem Post… In Israel for the 5th annual Vegan Congress of Israel… Aspey talks of speciesism and asks, “Why do we think it’s OK to kill a chicken and not a dog, while other societies think it’s OK to kill a dog but not a cow?” The answer, he says, is that culture has normalized violence against certain individuals: “What we have done is created death camps all over the world, an industry built on forced breeding, confinement, enslavement and execution”…

Aspey’s golden rule is similar to a key Jewish principle that one should “love your neighbor as yourself.” “Veganism is about treating others with the respect that you would want to be treated yourself,” he says. Continuing to embrace Jewish terminology, he concludes that he sees the vegan movement as an or la’goyim (light unto the nations). “In the Jewish spirit of tikkun olam (repairing the world), veganism is the most practical, far-reaching choice we should all make as consumers for a more peaceful world,” Aspey says…

The passionate 31-year-old activist has beaten cancer, drug addition and bulimia, and replaced it with a healthy vegan lifestyle which which aspires to educate and inspire others. He is known for having taken a one year vow of silence, having cycled 5000km, and having being tattooed for 25 hours in his quest to raise awareness for animal rights. “Ultimately I’m trying to lift people up and share knowledge that has changed my life and saved so many others,” he says’. SOURCE…


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