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Are Conditions Ripe For Animal Rights Vegan Activism?

NICK PENDERGRAST: ‘In traditional, mainstream media such as widely watched television programs and popular newspapers, the animal welfare view of “humane” animal slaughter and “humane” animal products tends to dominate. More radical views fundamentally opposing animal slaughter and promoting veganism tend to be neglected. This could be partially due to fear that the more radical views will concern advertisers, many of whom are businesses based on animal exploitation.

The growing importance of the internet in campaigning for animals has meant that animal rights vegan activists can still potentially reach large numbers of people in a low-cost way through methods such as email and social media. Such methods are far cheaper than older forms of communication, such as letters and other printed materials. Online campaigning has also meant that organizations are more viable without physical office space.

The decentralized nature of the internet means that individuals in geographically diverse locations can work together online, without the need to come together in-person in an office environment to distribute physical materials… Another reason for the growing viability of animal rights vegan activism is the increasing coverage of veganism in more mainstream media as well as alternative websites and social media platforms’. SOURCE…


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