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Judge Denies Motion to Reargue in Connecticut Elephant Rights Case

LAUREN CHOPLIN: ‘Judge James Bentivegna of the Connecticut Superior Court, Litchfield County denied the Nonhuman Rights Project’s motion to reargue our case on behalf of Beulah, Karen, and Minnie, three elephants held captive at a traveling circus based in Goshen, CT. The Judge also refused to allow us to amend our petition for a common law writ of habeas corpus on behalf of the three elephants — primarily, he said, because the basis of our petition was not constitutionally protected liberty, i.e. a liberty interest protected by the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment…

[The Nonhuman Rights Project] will… appeal and look[s] forward to obtaining in the Connecticut appellate courts the justice and freedom to which Beulah, Karen, and Minnie, as autonomous, extraordinarily cognitively complex beings, are entitled under the Connecticut common law of habeas corpus’. SOURCE…


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