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How The Travel Industry Is Responding To The Rising Demand For Vegan Vacations

KATRINA FOX: ‘In 2004 travel firm VegVoyages launched, offering three trips in one country. Fourteen years later, the company, which specializes in vegan adventure tours in Asia, now runs up to 23 trips a year in five different countries. Based in Texas, it’s one of several operators that caters for this growing market of ethical consumers seeking to experience different cultures without harming animals, exploiting people or devastating the environment.

“There’s definitely been an increase in the demand for vegan travel,” says VegVoyages co-founder Zac Lovas… According to Lovas, food is one of the biggest incentives for travelers to choose a vegan tour. “People don’t want to go to a country and be able to only eat side dishes and salads, or be stuck eating the same thing that they eat back home,” he says. “One of the benefits of traveling on a vegan trip is to be able to enjoy eating what the locals eat and not having to worry about whether or not it’s 100% vegan. You can still get a glimpse into the local culture and history through the community’s cuisine on a vegan adventure”.’ SOURCE…


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