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Horrific animal suffering revealed at farm used by producer of Spanish sausages sold on Amazon

JANE DALTON: ‘Horrific conditions of animal suffering have been revealed at a farm that supplied a brand of Spanish sausages that were sold in Morrisons and on Amazon UK. Investigators say they witnessed “deformed, diseased and dying” pigs in a centre producing meat for the El Pozo brand of meat products stocked by major stores, including Morrisons chorizo sausages… Animal Equality said that when it visited the Hermanos Carrasco, in the Murcia region last August, the farmer stated on film that meat goes into the human food chain and ultimately supplies Morrisons and Amazon UK.

Some of the photos were the most shocking ever taken on a European farm, the campaigners claimed. Toni Shephard, head of the group and one of the investigators, said: “As far as neglect goes, this is the worst I’ve ever seen. To leave so many animals suffering for days and weeks on end defies belief. I’ve never seen anything like it… “This farm is a scandal of negligence in the face of severe animal suffering. But also these diseased animals could be sent to the slaughterhouse and the parts considered ‘fit for human consumption’ and used in El Pozo products. I don’t doubt that in the UK there would be prosecutions”.’ SOURCE…


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