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Helping Farmed Animals: High-Impact Rescue

BARBARA J. KING: ‘The Animal Place Food for Thought program works with nonprofit groups focused on animal and environmental causes to get animals off the menu at their events. This goal makes perfect sense, when you think about it. Imagine attending a luncheon fundraiser for your local animal shelter. As you listen to the speaker discuss initiatives based on compassion for animals, all around you people eat chickens, or parts of pigs and cows. That’s a definite disconnect!

Food for Thought’s Campaign Manager Patti Nyman told me by email that the cruelty experienced by farmed animals is a natural issue for staff at animal and environmental nonprofits to take up, because they’re already devoted to caring action for animals. “It’s particularly important that those who work in shelters learn that animals raised for food are no different in their capacities to feel joy, pain, and fear than the animals with whom we share our homes,” she said. “Animals suffer tremendously on farms — far worse and in far greater numbers than dogs and cats”.’ SOURCE…


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