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Undercover Video Reveals Shocking Conditions at Major Florida Egg Producer

SUSAN BIRD:Activist organization Animal Recovery Mission just delivered another stunning blow to the factory farming industry in Florida. Following close on the heels of its undercover dairy abuse videos, ARM released video evidence of terrible living conditions for chickens at a Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. farm in Lake Wales, Florida.

Cal-Maine is the largest “shell egg” producer in the United States. Its eggs are marketed as Egg-Land’s Best and Land O’ Lakes brands. Under the branding of Farmhouse and 4-Grain, Cal-Maine also sells organic, vegetarian-fed “cage-free” eggs.

ARM’s three-week undercover investigation revealed that thousands of laying hens are crammed 10-deep into battery cages, leaving them no space to move around or spread their wings. There, according to ARM, they die at a rate of 100 to 900 a day of dehydration, starvation, strangulation, trampling and egg binding — when an egg becomes stuck inside the reproductive system’. SOURCE…


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