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This Minnesota ‘Fur Farm’ Has Been Masquerading As An Educational Facility, But The Truth Is Coming Out

MATTHEW RUSSEL: ‘Each year, people from Minnesota and miles around visit the Fur-Ever Wild agricultural farm for a chance to play with wild animals, some of them gray wolf pups. And each year, some of those pups face a cruel and illegal demise. The farm, which markets itself as an educational facility, has come under fire more than once for allegedly killing gray wolves once they’ve become too big or aggressive for interacting with tourists. And it doesn’t stop there. After the wolves are killed, some of them have been allegedly skinned, beheaded, and set up in taxidermic displays in the farm gift shop.

Initial rumors of the killings appalled animal advocacy groups and prompted an attorney from the Twin Cities to take action… Fur-Ever Wild offers visitors a chance to meet fur-bearing animals from North America in “pet-and-play” activity time, but the ALDF alleges that the educational value the facility provides is a dark deception… Jennifer Robbins wrote a letter to the Fur-Ever Wild… on behalf of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Robbins informed Fur-Ever Wild that their actions ran afoul of the Endangered Species Act’. SOURCE…


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