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Are animals conscientious?

MIKEL MARIA DELGADO: ‘Conscientiousness as a personality dimension has multiple facets, and typically describes people who plan ahead, who are organized and reliable, hard-working, self-disciplined, and thorough… But our understanding of animal personality was stalled for years by both the fear of anthropomorphism among animal scientists, and a lack of consensus on how to describe it… Often, animals are described simply in terms of their levels of boldness and aggressiveness…

But are we just being constrained by our human biases? Are the questions we are asking and the methods we are using really applicable to other species?… Conscientiousness in animals doesn’t necessarily look like it does in humans… There are hundreds of examples of conscientiousness behaviors in the animal kingdom, from tidy fish building nests that attract potential mates, to mice who varied in impulse control or their ability to delay rewards’. SOURCE…


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