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Why It’s Morally Wrong to Use Other Sentient Beings for Our Purpose — Whether for Food or Research

MAUREEN NANDINI MITRA: ‘Internationally known for her work on the evolution of the brain and intelligence in dolphins, whales, and primates, Lori Marino is scientist of a rather rare order – one who thinks it’s “morally objectionable” to use other sentient animals for our purposes, whether it be for food, or for captive and invasive research. In the early 2000s, Marino started a controversial public campaign to end the use of captive dolphins for entertainment and research.

In 2010, she founded the Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy, a Utah-based nonprofit that seeks to transform our troubled relationship with other animals by bridging the gap between the academic research and the animal advocacy movement. She is the former science director of the Nonhuman Rights Project, which works for the recognition and protection of fundamental rights for nonhuman animals’. SOURCE…


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