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Human Beasts and Helpless Animals

VIKRAM MUTHANNA: ‘An eight-month-old elephant calf with fever strayed near a village in Gundulpet, India with its mother. The villagers raised a ruckus and pelted stones at them. The mother and calf ran for their life. The mother made it back into the forest but the calf could not. That’s when a pack of humans surrounded the calf, pushed it around, tugged at its tail, toyed with its sensitive trunk, pulled its ears and started clicking selfies.

After much struggle, the forest officials managed to rescue the calf from the ‘selfie-grip’ of wild humans, but alas the calf died. Meanwhile, the mother had returned to where she had lost her calf and stood trumpeting, calling for her baby, not knowing that cruel men had murdered her child, and for what? A selfie.

In Gurgaon’s Mandawar village, a leopard was chased and beaten to death. This gruesome act was filmed and people posed triumphantly with its body. In Chitradurga, Karnataka, people cornered a sloth bear and attacked it with sticks and rocks. The bear barely survived. In Assam, a mob not only killed a leopard that had mauled and killed an elderly person but they cut up the big cat and ate it. Such acts make one wonder who is the real beast here?…

When humans turn into beasts it is the law that should scare them back to being humane, which isn’t happening because the law itself needs some rescuing… This tragedy shows how cruel we have become. Such acts of cruelty against animals are being reported across our nation… The father of this nation had said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Today let alone animals, we don’t even treat humans with kindness’. SOURCE…


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