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More than 3,300 live animals used for research at Ireland’s NUI Galway

THEJOURNAL.IE: ‘The number of live animals used for research purposes at NUI Galway last year increased by 7% to 3,363, bucking a national trend that saw a reduction in animal testing in 2016. The university has now used a total of 19,915 animals for experiments in the past five years. It has been criticised as “a tragic waste of life and taxpayers’ money” by the Irish Anti-Vivisection Society (IAVS).

Last year alone, NUI Galway spent €169,313 procuring rats, mice and rabbits for use in research. A further €4,410 was spent to dispose of animal carcasses following the conclusion of the experiments. Current regulations governing the use of animals for scientific purposes permit animal-based research only where there is no alternative method of experimentation that would avoid the use of an animal’. SOURCE…


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