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Exposed: The University of Utah Must Stop Its Rogue Animal Experimenters

PETA: ‘New documents reveal that the University of Utah has repeatedly violated federal animal welfare laws and guidelines that regulate the treatment of animals in its laboratories… These inexcusable incidents have led to the suffering and deaths of monkeys, rabbits, lambs, rats, and mice. Even though experimenters have flagrantly ignored even the minimal rules offering some protection to animals, they have escaped punishment, and the university has been allowed to keep all the taxpayer funds squandered on botched experiments that hurt and killed animals…

PETA has filed a complaint with the USDA over these recent incidents as well as complaints with the agencies that have funded the experiments. We are asking that authorities punish the university and that the institution be compelled to repay taxpayer funds that were awarded during these periods of flagrant rule violations. While pressure from PETA has already led to remarkable change at the University of Utah, the school’s continued disregard for the well-being of animals has apparently created a culture of noncompliance. It is high time that experimenters at this institution faced actual, tangible consequences for violating the law’. SOURCE…


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