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Pythagoras, the philosophical source of vegans

THE SHERBROOKE TIMES: ‘Veganism… Is it a simple diet popular for hipstero-green-bobos? A new fashion and transient?… The past, especially classical Antiquity, provides some answers… Before becoming an academic exercise and an academic discipline, “philosophy” would have been designed primarily as a way of life, as a transforming practice… at the time of Pythagoras, the wisdom was not just to discover the truth, but to lead a righteous life, good and consistent with the doctrine they professed… Pythagoras [was once] asked: “As for your plan, what is it?”… [he replied]: “I don’t eat nothing living, but all the rest…” The philosophy was initially understood as an exercise in moral practice, permeating all the activities of everyday life…

Well-designed, veganism is the implementation, in daily life, moral convictions and policies. It is a commitment to live as faithfully as possible based on the ideals of justice… By the way they behave, they prefigure the society they are considering the place of the one that is dominated by the carnisme: a society in which justice does not stop at the borders of the human species, and encompasses all beings vulnerable…

By their acts the most spectacular as much as by their actions, ordinary consumption, they show that it is possible to live and by minimizing her contribution to animal exploitation, refuse to act as if it was acceptable to subject animals to for human uses and are intended to form a critical mass of véganes that will have a day, at least they hope, enough power to get the legislative changes that justice requires. Veganism is the practical result of a moral position and political, and the tool of transformation of the social conditions necessary for institutional changes that it requires’. SOURCE…


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