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British vegan activists clash with police after hundreds of turkeys escape trailer

HARRIET PAVEY: ‘Hundreds of turkeys escaped when their transportation trailer overturned near the M5, sparking clashes between animal rights activists and the police. Vegan activists rushed to the scene when 640 turkeys made a bid for freedom in the crash near Wychbold… But clashes erupted when police attending the scene stopped the activists from rescuing the birds because they needed to be handed back to their owner. An image shared to Twitter showed one vegan activist shielding a turkey. Several birds died in the accident, while the surviving turkeys could be seen loose by the side of the road…

“We arrived at the crash site to rescue the injured birds. We were refused, we were laughed at, but we stood our ground,” he wrote. “One activist, my good friend Katie, cradled one of the confused and distressed turkeys and wouldn’t let the police or the workers take him to his death. “Eventually they gave up and the ‘owner’ (you can’t own a life) of the birds said we could ‘relinquish his property’ and take the turkey. “Turkeys are not property, they are individuals and they certainly do not exist on this earth for humans to eat their bodies for Christmas dinner.” He said they had named the rescued turkey Asha, “meaning hope”. His post about the incident has been shared over 1,000 times’. SOURCE…


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