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Ethical Investors Have Been Missing Something When It Comes To Animals, But Now It’s Here

KATRINA FOX: ‘Investors are starting to become more discerning about where they put their money… Cruelty Free Investing, a 501C3 non-profit organization launched today, aims to fill that gap by providing resources for individual and institutional investors and financial advisors to help them make decisions in line with their values.

Every single publicly-traded corporation on NASDAQ, NYSE and NYSE American (formerly AMEX) appears in one of two lists on Cruelty Free Investing’s website: Companies that do exploit animals, and companies that don’t.

Businesses are judged on whether they manufacture or serve food or drink items that contain animal products; make or sell clothing that involves killing or harming animals, such as leather or fur; manufacture or sell products that involve animal testing; or breed animals for food production and/or animal testing’. SOURCE…


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