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There are multiple sellers on who sell “real” rabbit feet. Rabbits shouldn’t have to die for the sake of idiotic fads, superstitions, or other reasons. Tell Amazon to stop letting sellers list these and other animal parts.




While most research animals are euthanized after enduring rounds of experimentation, Rhode Island may soon allow a pathway to adoption for laboratory cats and dogs that as of yet does not exist. Sign this petition to urge the governor to support this humane alternative.

A kangaroo was killed at a zoo in China after tourists threw bricks at her in an attempt to force her to hop. Sadly, this is not the first time a kangaroo has been harassed at this particular location; it is a common trend, and the culprits are reportedly never punished. Sign this petition to demand the province lay down stricter rules against tourist harassment of animals.

A dog was allegedly forced to have sex with a man and a woman in a gruesome case of animal cruelty. The suspects reportedly filmed themselves having sex with the dog in their backyard trailer. Demand justice for this poor dog.

A dog was allegedly beaten with a wooden bed post while trying to protect his family. The suspect reportedly choked his girlfriend and punched her juvenile son, causing their dog to attack him. Demand justice for this dog and his family.

Dogs and cats are being raised in filthy, unsafe commercial breeding operations and sold in retail pet stores. Sign the petition to encourage New York lawmakers to ban this practice.

An innocent dog was seen on camera being shot and killed in his own front yard. Demand that the shooter involved is found and arrested for the murder.

A Canadian couple recently adopted a Vietnamese potbellied pig only to reportedly dine on her. Somehow, Canadian law prevents this act from being a criminal offense. Let's demand justice for Molly and change this legal loophole by pushing for legislative reforms.

Three pets in the same Florida neighborhood were found dead after their owners received letters that threatened the animals' lives. Demand that the St. Petersburg Police Department finds those responsible for the murder of these pets before they kill again.

Target: Puppymeals, Dogs that I know my friends got from puppy meal are scared to death of lots of different things including gizmo. gizmo recently came to a new home but where he came from was a puppy meal where he was all bones he was the smallest dog in […]

A pit bull named Liam was used as bait and forced to participate in dog fighting. He endured hundreds of bites all over his body and his abusers are still free. Demand that the Memphis Police Department steps up and finds these cruel abusers so Liam gets the justice he deserves.

The most dangerous forms of abuse often come from those who believe they are acting out of love. Animals of every kind endure neglect, hunger, and illness due to animal hoarding. Provide enhanced legal protection for these at-risk animals.

Endangered species are set to be slaughtered in Alaska. Donald Trump recently overturned a crucial law designed to protect Alaskan wildlife. Stand with us in demanding the law be reinstated to protect our precious endangered species.

A man reportedly caught with 33 Chihuahuas packed into an SUV last fall is finally being taken to trial on animal cruelty charges. The dogs had clearly been abused and neglected, with one puppy having to be euthanized after tinfoil was found in their stomach. Sign this petition to ensure that this man faces justice.

Prince the puppy died tragically when he was allegedly slammed onto a department store floor during a domestic dispute. Per police, the suspect is at large and considered dangerous. Demand justice for Prince.

Dogs and cats will finally be nationally protected from cruel slaughter for their meat by the U.S. House Agriculture Committee. Support this important step for animal welfare and combatting the inhumane dog and cat meat trade.

The endangered fin whale will once again be exposed to the cruelty of hunting for profit as an Iceland company resumes the commercial hunt. Demand that this inhumane and irresponsible decision be stopped.

The practice of horse soring inflicts tremendous amounts of pain on the legs and hooves of horses to create an unnatural high-stepping gait. While nearly all forms of soring have been made illegal, some methods continue to persist. Sign this petition to demand that all types of soring be made illegal.

Farm animals could soon be subjected to even more cruelty if what animal rights groups call an 'awful piece of legislation,' is passed by Congress. Current and future laws shielding farm animals and other domesticated animals from abuse and mistreatment could be sacrificed. Demand Congress kill this harmful legislation.

Following three recent grooming-related dog deaths, all pet groomers in New Jersey could soon be required to carry an official license and undergo training. While this would not bring back the deceased pets, it would help prevent future tragedies. Sign this petition to ensure that this bill becomes a law.

A mouse was allegedly beaten to death in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Two teenagers reportedly laughed as the suspect beat the poor mouse against a concrete surface. Demand justice for this innocent mouse.


Number of animals murdered since you opened this page. They do not include the millions of animals killed in laboratories, fur farms, animal shelters, zoos, marine parks, or circuses. Nor do they include the animals killed by human negligence, blood sports, abuse, or extermination attempts.

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