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Whole Foods is suing the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) in what campaigners have branded a bid to stop in-store protests. According to the retailer, DxE members have been trespassing in shops during protests, in which campaigners want to highlight what they call ‘criminal animal cruelty at farms’ that supply Whole Foods. DxE claims the lawsuit is an effort to prevent exposure of disturbing animal abuse at Whole Foods farms. Factory farms and their partners understand the public is opposed to what’s happening behind those industrial doors. But instead of making change, they threaten the whistleblowers. Ask Whole Foods CEO John Mackey to drop the lawsuit against nonviolent activists who have asked Whole Foods for transparency around their animal products.





Received anonymously: Shooting range used by hunters spraypainted, Örebro Sweden

According to an anonymous report on, fencing was cut at an equestrian center in Sorbu Ocagnanu (Corsica), allowed 41 horses to run free.

Received anonymously: 10 hens and 1 rabbit liberated by bike in Örebro, Sweden. They were rescued from a disgusting shed on a property that has been targeted by activists before. Covered in feces and with no water or proper food, waiting to be used for their eggs or flesh. Now they will live free lives …

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anonymous report, from (translation): In Santiago, Chile, the Animal Liberation Front painted graffiti against animal cruelty, attacking windows at KFC, and evil butcher shops. Animals are NOT FOOD, and we will destructively strike the evil sadists; we will never have mercy. We will irritate them until they close their doors. With all we have. We are …

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Received anonymously, from Unoffensive Animal: Early hours of Sunday morning we crept through the farmyard and past the house. Lights were still on so we were extra quiet. We managed to liberate six broiler chickens and take them to safety where they will live out their lives in safety free from exploitation.

Received anonymously: 5 very ill pinks (5-10 pounds a piece) were liberated from Maiden on the night of sept 30th. 4 have survived and 1 never recovered. The 4 are now at a sanctuary and have been doing well.

Received anonymously: One Rabbit was saved from a certain death by an animal rights activist recently. The farm breeds rabbits for meat, and has been sued many times for its mistreatment of the animals, still the killing continues.” /ALF Supporter (The pictures are from the farm incl their ‘waste’, and of the saved rabbit.)

Received anonymously; click here for video from the action: From Sweden, total of three towers this saturday. From HSS (Hunt Saboteur Sweden) with love!  

Received anonymously: Cassino, Italy ALF on an hunters association’s banner. Before, a script ASSASSINI (murders in italian) has been deleted

A fire heavily damaged a slaughterhouse in Haut-Valromey (Ain) during the night of September 27-28. Several vehicles on site were also destroyed. The remains of several incendiary devices were found. Claim of responsibility, reported by Indymedia Nantes: (Translation by Google Translate) That night, the moon is decreasing and in its third quarter. A group of people …

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Received anonymously: Butcher shop located in Gothenburg got a visit from the ALF. Leaving anti meat messages and a reminder that the ALF is watching them.

Received anonymously: Windows were broken and slogans painted on two butcher shops in downtown Brest during the night of October 2.

Received anonymously: We saved a rabbit from a farm where they breed these beautiful individuals only for their meat. It’s unacceptable. We managed to save this cute little rabbit. She is now in safe hands and will be living a life where she will be loved and not exploited. DEFEND ANIMALS

Received anonymously: Få din bror att avgå Svensk Mink. Djurplågar bröder lever inte länge. = Get your brother to leave Swedish Mink, animal abusing brothers don’t live long

Received anonymously: A fire heavily damaged a slaughterhouse in Haut-Valromey (Ain) during the night of September 27-28. Several vehicles on site were also destroyed. The remains of several incendiary devices were found.


Number of animals murdered since you opened this page. They do not include the millions of animals killed in laboratories, fur farms, animal shelters, zoos, marine parks, or circuses. Nor do they include the animals killed by human negligence, blood sports, abuse, or extermination attempts.

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