US Congressional legislation: HR 4879/HR 3599, the so-called “States’ Rights Elimination Act,” strips states of their power to enact animal welfare laws protecting animals and consumers from food produced in unsafe conditions. It’s urgent that you speak out against this dangerous bill that would wipe out animal protection laws across the country.






The practice of horse soring inflicts tremendous amounts of pain on the legs and hooves of horses to create an unnatural high-stepping gait. While nearly all forms of soring have been made illegal, some methods continue to persist. Sign this petition to demand that all types of soring be made illegal.

Congress will soon vote on a bill that includes 'an awful piece of legislation,' as referenced by one of America’s most influential anti-animal cruelty organizations. Current and future laws shielding farm animals and other domesticated animals from abuse and mistreatment could be sacrificed. Demand Congress kill this harmful legislation.

A New Jersey bill that would require all pet groomers to carry an official license and undergo training is being reintroduced in the wake of three recent grooming-related dog deaths. While this would not bring back the deceased pets, it would prevent future tragedies. Sign this petition to ensure that this bill becomes a law.

A mouse was allegedly beaten to death in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Two teenagers reportedly laughed as the suspect beat the poor mouse against a concrete surface. Demand justice for this innocent mouse.

TripAdvisor has removed its Certificate of Excellence award from three allegedly abusive wildlife attractions. Sign this petition to thank the travel site for no longer rewarding these destinations for their reportedly cruel treatment of animals.

Over 100 animals were rescued from absolutely deplorable conditions on a ranch in upstate New York, where they were allegedly forced to live in tight spaces with little to no nourishment. The property owners have been arrested and charged, and now they must face the full consequences of their alleged actions. Sign this petition to demand they be prosecuted appropriately.

A dog endured horrendous suffering and had to be euthanized after she was given a botched spaying surgery. Investigators found the dog abandoned by the side of a road in extremely poor condition. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Target: Everyone can help!, “Pitbull” labelled dogs are highly abused and misunderstood. These dogs have been labelled as mean or a bully when really they are the bullied. For years people have been mistreating and abusing the dogs when all they want is a loving home and a family to […]

A dog was reportedly shot in the neck, hit on the head with a hammer, and left to die. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Nine cats were allegedly killed by a former state trooper, who was reportedly "angry" at them for chasing the birds off of his property. The man has been charged with animal cruelty, and is due in court next week. Sign this petition to demand he face justice for his alleged animal murders.

Over 100 animals were allegedly neglected and forced to live in their own excrement. The animals reportedly did not have access to food or water and some required medical attention. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

A dog died from a rare and treatable condition after she was allegedly starved and denied veterinary care. Necropsy results showed that the dog had several dead fetuses in her uterus, which likely led to her death. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Over 100 animals, including 50 dead horses, were reportedly discovered at a so-called animal sanctuary in Texas. However, despite the allegedly appalling conditions and the suffering of the survivors, the owners have yet to be charged with animal cruelty. Sign this petition to demand these people face justice for their alleged neglect.

Mercy the dog died of apparent heat stroke after reportedly being groomed in the hot sun constrained by a muzzle. Demand the groomer accused of causing her death be brought to justice.

A rare turtle known for sporting green algae as ‘hair’ has been recognized by an international organization as one of the world’s most endangered reptiles. Sign the petition to demand stronger protections to save this unique creature.

A Florida deputy was arrested and charged with severe animal neglect after a horse in his care was reportedly found in dire conditions. The animal was reportedly severely malnourished, suffering from infected wounds, and ultimately had to be put down; allegedly, other animals in this man's care have suffered the same fate. Sign this petition to ensure this man faces justice.

Over 50 animals suffered and died when they were allegedly starved and kept in deplorable conditions. Deceased chickens, rabbits, and ducks were all reportedly stuffed into garbage bags or left to rot in cages. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Taking a beloved pet to a grooming appointment is a sign of care, love, and trust. PetSmart has allegedly breached this trust time and again by returning to pet owners not a vibrant, clean animal but a dead body instead. Urge more stringent polices that might prevent future such tragedies.

University researchers are accused of causing deaths and injury to animals due to burning, dehydration, and other cruel practices. Demand that administrators take responsibility for these abusive actions.

Facebook has allegedly been allowing the marketing of illegal and threatened animal parts in both private and public groups. Demand that the social media giant stop allowing wildlife traffickers to use its platform as a place to stage illicit deals.


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