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ANNALIESE GRIFFIN: 'A recent Gallup poll found that about 8% of Americans identified as either vegetarian (no meat) or vegan (no animal products including dairy, eggs, sometimes…



Recently, the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—the largest funder of animal experimentation worldwide—announced that it’s planning to launch “funding opportunities to support centralized infrastructure for marmoset research.” The use of animals in experimentation—including on chimpanzees, our closest living relatives—has proved an unqualified failure. The evidence is overwhelming that data from experiments on animals can’t be reliably applied to humans. For example, NIH itself acknowledges that 95 percent of drugs that test safe and effective in animals fail in humans because they don’t work or are dangerous. And a review in the prestigious medical journal The BMJ reported that more than 90 percent of “the most promising findings from animal research” fail to lead to human treatments. By ramping up funding to increase the supply of marmosets for laboratories, NIH is doubling down on a failed enterprise. Please urge NIH not to squander more tax dollars on failed animal experimentation and instead to redirect funds to modern, non-animal research methods.





Received anonymously (click here for video): The 28th October the Animal Liberation Front in Sweden liberated five hens and two rabbits from a place where they were going to be killed for their meat. They were taken to a safe home. We will continue to fight for the animals, and liberate them from their cages. And we’ll …

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Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: Multiple shooting towers were toppled on our country walk last week. Fuck hunters.

Received anonymously: 31st October, Barcelona. We celebrated Halloween with the freedom of a chicken and a duck that were living in stinky farms with no fresh air nor sunlight. We were so sorrow for all the animals we left there.. Break the chains! Liberate animals! Go Vegan and Go ALF!

Received anonymously: For Barry Horne, RIP – Call for Remembrance Actions To celebrate World Vegan Day on the 1st November we glued the locks of multiple butcher shops in Birmingham, and redecorated the signs of a local Zoo for the half term…again We dedicate these actions to Barry Horne, who died fighting for the animals …

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Received anonymously: A hunting tower in Dravce (Levoča) was damaged in late October.

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 6 chickens destined for the slaughterhouse were liberated. They will now live out the rest of their lives in peace at their new home.

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 74 broilers rescued from a broiler hell house. Now safe in sanctuary, scratching about. If anyone wants to write my car off for me, now would be the right time… Still… Chicken shit still smells better than fried chicken corpse.

Received anonymously from the Underground Badger Syndicate (click here to view the video): Disclaimer: All footage found online or foraging under fallen leaves. We do not claim responsibility for any of the actions shown in the video. With the badger cull over in all zones except pilot zones we wanted to put together a little video about …

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Received anonymously; click here for video from the rescue: We sat in the hedge waiting until the house by the farm turned all lights off. The padlocked gates gave way easily under the bolt cutters and the sheds were accessible through the windows, giving us plenty of room to carry on the operation. We had not taken …

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Received anonymously: Three chickens liberated from this organic farm. We are given the impression that organic farms provide more humane conditions. As you can see here that is not the case. Like non organic raised chickens, Many of the animals here find it too difficult to stand and those that do collapse under their own …

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Received anonymously: A total of five hunting towers sabotaged. We also found a cabin with targets 15 och 30 meters away and an old rifle bipod och shells scattered around the cabin. We sprayed the targets but left the cabin for later.

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: 3 chickens liberated in solidarity with the Frack Three (who have now had their sentences quashed and are being released). We said No. Frack Free Future. For the Wild.

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: During the badger cull in the U.K. Unoffensive Animal has received multiple reports of partridge being released before the shoot time. It is estimated that between 2-3000 birds have been reported liberated from the pens and all of them have been sabotaged by breaking posts and cutting the netting.

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Open rescue XLV (October 2018) & In Memory Lola Veg We saved 48 hens from suffering, crying and waiting for death. We saved them from a place made for trader’s profit that politicians protect and consumers pay for. We did not ask any of them. Why …

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Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: We liberated these chickens from a backyard breeder where they were being kept in a bare coop with no access to food or water. They are all very underweight but will soon pick up in their safe new home. We will not stand by and let this abuse happen.


Number of animals murdered since you opened this page. They do not include the millions of animals killed in laboratories, fur farms, animal shelters, zoos, marine parks, or circuses. Nor do they include the animals killed by human negligence, blood sports, abuse, or extermination attempts.

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